Events and Activities for kids

The events are sponsored by Comune di Borgio Verzzi and organized by Cooperativa Sociale Arcadia, which manages the caves. They are aimed at valorizing and promoting the cultural heritage of the caves, which often hosted concerts and theatrical events.

poster In Punta di Suono

In Punta di Suono

Second edition of "In Punta di Suono",a festival of words and music which takes place in spring in the enchanted Borgio Verezzi Caves.

This festival creates cultural activities every year, in order to expand the touristic offer and by integrating itself with the already famous Festival Teatrale di Borgio Verezzi.


    • March 21st
    • 21.00h
    • Marco Cambri
    • April 12th
    • 21.00h
    • Giua, guest Massimo Schiavon
    • May17th
    • 21.00h
    • Davide Van De Sfroos


Pipistrelli Grotte di Borgio Verezzi

Activities for kids

The Borgio Verezzi Caves now have a broad touristic and cultural offer: there are educational activities which include a guided tour and funny workshop experiences. Kids will experience discovery and learning in a series of immersive situations.

Educational Purposes

  • Promoting the awareness of cultural and natural heritage and the importance of its preservation.
  • Promoting knowledge through direct experience, integrating "knowledge" and "know-how".
  • Stimulating kids' interest and involvement with funny activities.


Total duration (guided tour + activities) is 1 hour and a half. Customized durations can be agreed in advance.

Bookind and Costs

Activities must be booked. They take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a better organization it is recommended to book at least 2 weeks in advance. Activities cost 10.00€ per child and include the guided tour of the caves.

Our activities

A bat's life

This activity illustrates in a funny, involving and complete way the mysterious world of chiroptera, commonly known as bats. Discover their environment, their life cycle, their importance for the ecosystem. And create with simple materials a bat, which can be customized by each kid! Activity for first classes of primary schools.

The underground world and its animals

Hidden in the stone cracks, suspended to thin intricate webs, many animal species live underground. Darkness, temperature, humidity, isolation, lack of food sources took these beings to an adaptation to the surrounding environment. This caused a radical transformation of their appearance. Kids will understand how these species survived in such an extreme environment, and why it's so important to preserve it. Instruments used for this activity: thermometer, hygrometer. Activity for last classes of primary schools.

Discovering environments: karst and caves

The caves are like ancient, untouched natural treasures, which can be opened to the kids: following the path of underground waters through calcareous stones, they will discover the karst phenomenon, the process which originated them. By means of images and the construction of small objects, kids will easily understand how water can create a wide array of mineral formations through a never ending dissolution and deposit process inside the cavity.